June 1 2010 042
June 1 2010 042

Eudocima fullonia -sweet lime
Eudocima fullonia -sweet lime

Eudocima fullonia
Eudocima fullonia

June 1 2010 042
June 1 2010 042



Bioelectronic Fruit Piercing Moth Trap

Product Specifications

Coverage Area: Up to ¼ Acer

Insect extermination Mode: Burn by electrocution

Daily Working Duration: Dusk to Dawn, 365 Days year

Product Life:  6 Years Maintenance Free*

Key Source of Communication with Insects: Optical Signals and Olfactory Attractant.

Olfactory Attractant: ATT20-FPM-W4 A semi-synthetic attractant for fruit piercing moth

Olfactory Attractant Feild Life:  4 weeks

Safety of Honey Bees and other Beneficial Insects:  99.9% safe

An accidental catch of honey bees with impaired memory (due to exposure to Neonicotinoids and other toxic pesticides) cannot be ruled out, but such catch rate score would be less than 0.1% of the total honey bee population in a coverage area of the trap.

Operating System: Software controlled fully automatic operating system

Protection: Rain and Condensed Moisture Protection

Insect-pests managed by EBIOT-GN11-4A6-FP  and  ATT20-FPM-W4 together:

  • Eudocima fullonia (Clerck),

  • Eudocima materna (Linnaeus),

  • Eudocima homaena (Hübner), 

  • Eudocima cajeta (Cramer),

  • Eudocima salaminia (Cramer).